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Mario International Group is proud to present our line of products including hazelnut cream and pistachio cream plus Dolce Hyperion protein hazelnut cream .

Dolce have been sweetened with xylitol or erythritol, which has several health benefits. All products have been manufactured with top quality hazelnuts and pistachios.

All Dolce products now come palm oil free, with no additives or colorant.
Our hazelnut cream comes with fully 33% hazelnuts content, it’s also milk free, gluten free, Gmo free, Dolce is also Vegan!

For the past two years, our company’s team of experts have been working tirelessly to find the perfect mix to remove the palm oil in the product. The efforts have yielded results as the products are now manufactured palm oil free, which many other producers are still using in their products. Since removing palm oil, our group plans to expand further to more places across the world.

Removing palm oil ensures the danger of health risks and bad harmfully fats, We believe in producing food without causing harm to people, animals and the planet.
With the successful implementation of a new non-invasive process that helps to maintain nutrients and make the product palm oil free,

Mario International is a company that has its corporate sales office located in Tallinn, Estonia, and a partner manufacturing company based in Sicily. Since 2011, we have been producing hazelnut cream with rich ingredients, branded under several different names worldwide.

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  • Dreamy and Creamy

    Dreamy and Creamy.

  • Dolce Hazelnut Cream

    Dolce Hazelnut Cream. Dolce 33% Hazelnut cream.
    Dolce is an artisanal hazelnut cream, made with love, tradition and innovation. Dolce is sophisticated, luxurious, creative product of the highest quality. Dolce is PALM OIL FREE, GMO FREE, TRANSFAT FREE, LACTOSE FREE, GLUTEN FREE. VEGAN.

  • Dolce Pistachio 31%

    Dolce Pistachio 31%. Dolce is an artisanal pistachio cream with coconut milk, made with love, tradition and innovation. Dolce is a sophisticated, luxurious, creative product of the highest quality. Dolce is PALM OIL FREE, GMO FREE, TRANSFAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE. VEGAN.

  • Dolce Hyperion Protein cream 27%

    Dolce Hyperion Protein cream 27%. Hyperion is a Protein hazelnutcream that is hand made with xylitol and top quality ingredients. Is a pure, luxurious and creative high protein content with high content of protein 21% in a hazelnut cream with an amazing taste. Hyperion is *PALM OIL FREE*, *GMO FREE*, *TRANSFAT FREE*, *LACTOSE FREE, GLUTEN FREE. VEGAN.*

  • xylitol and erythritol spreads

    Made in Italy.

  • Dolce

    Dolce. Godmorgon med dolce:)

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  • Våra produkter

    Våra produkter.

  • From Sicily with love

    Dolce made with love.

  • Dolce Hyperion High Protein

    Dolce Hyperion High Protein. For the fitness people 21% natural protein and 27% hazelnuts.



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