Fermented Herbs: Creating the most active and complex forms of natural health products

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In every culture around the world there is a deep rooted tradition of fermentation to transform herbs and foods into their most vital form. These fermentations were a complex process evolved over centuries and valued as the most important form of alchemy, transforming nature to support health and vitality. We are now rediscovering these traditions and appreciating the unique value of fermentation, which is quickly evolving into an important area of medicinal research.

Graham will share the emerging science on various fermented herbs and nutrients, how the fermentation creates key nutrients, plus his own work on developing a kefir/kombucha fermentation process for his own brand of supplements, Living Nutrition. 

Föreläsare: Graham Francis Botfield är forskare och grundare av ett märke inom kosttillskott, Living Nutrition, som har snabbt blivit populärt i Storbritannien tack vare sina unika egenskaper. Nu har det kommit till Sverige! 


Speakers Corner, B14:23