Welcome to Allt för Hälsan

November 11-13, 2022

Bring your training joy to this autumn's biggest event in health! The event is focused on training, wellness, diet, yoga, recovery, mindfulness and self-development - all things to help you create and live a healthy and energetic life. At Allt för Hälsan, you can try out different training and yoga sessions with influencers and big names in the industry. You can also meet and listen to experts, researchers, influencers, authors, organizations and companies. Try new products and shop from all of our exhibitors. This is the place to be inspired and meet like-minded people. Welcome to Allt för Hälsan at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö.

Date: November 11-13, 2022 at Stockholmsmässan.


About Allt för Hälsan

Five focus areas at Allt för Hälsan:

• Training & Active Health
• Diet & Energy
• Yoga
• Treatment & Relax
• Body & Soul

For our visitors:

• Pratbubblan – listen to interviews with authors, cooking sessions and live recordings of popular podcasts
• Aktivitetslabbet – try different kinds of fitness classes with wellknown profiles and personal trainers
• Yogastudion – try different types of yoga and meditation with experienced yoga and meditation teachers
• Yoga- and training convention
• Try massage and body treatments of different kinds

Prior to your visit

Welcome to Stockholmsmässan, the Nordic region's largest exhibition center! Here you will find information about how to find us, parking spaces, on-site service and much more.

Welcome to Stockholmsmässan